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Saturday, February 12, 2011

These Landing Page Mistakes will cost you sales! Know them. Avoid them!

I want to pass this article to you since landing pages are crucial to getting sales results. I personally have tried unsuccessfully to market without them and with them using some of the mistakes she lists.

By Sandi Hunter

A landing pages is a powerful way to generate leads for a product, service or company. Landing pages are a far more effective way of getting leads than promoting your website.

To get those leads your Landing page must adhere to these sure-fire rules of marketing. Here\'s what you need to know to get the maximum results from your landing pages.

Most Common Mistakes

1. Boring headline.

Your headline must POP off the page with motivating words that will get the viewer\'s attention. You want to get their attention then draw them in to keep them reading. Headlines should be bold, easy to read, colorful and make an IMMEDIATE eye-grabbing impact.

2. Too fancy.

Fire your designer if they rely heavily on graphics and flash. Even video is sometimes not appropriate. You do not need your landing page to match your website. Landing pages do not need to be animated, blinking, jumping or annoying. Simple is best. Your Landing page has one purpose, and one purpose only - to generate a lead. It should be colorful, eye catching and use compelling rich copy.

3. No focus.

Effective landing pages are focused. Focused on purpose (lead generation) and focused on telling the reader exactly what they get and why they need to act now. Don\'t include any reason for distraction on your landing page. Make your marketing message ultra-clear.

4. No Offer.

If you want to generate a lead you MUST include an offer. People don\'t give away their contact information unless you give them VERY good reasons to do so. Make your pitch, and make it a great one - something for free, include a bonus, an incentive - something of value.

5. Forgetting about who the Landing Page is for!

Your Landing Page is for your Viewers. Yes, it\'s to market your company or product, but the page itself is about the viewer, Yes, your potential customer don\'t forget this. View your Landing pages from THEIR eyes. Is is obvious what you are offering? Is your offer enticing? Is your page focused or it is annoying to the point of distraction. Respect the experience and impression of your viewers. Make sure the page is not too long, the fonts are appropriate, the graphics not overdone and your optin form is quick and easy to complete.

To conclude, here is an Easy 1-2-3 Formula for creating effective Landing Pages.

1. Start with a powerful benefit-laden attention-grabbing headline.

2. Follow with compelling copy that motivates ACTION. Here is what you get, here is why you need it, here is how to get it RIGHT NOW!

3. Optin Form. Conclude with an easy to complete, simple form requesting contact details, being sure to list the bonuses/offer included. If you can add a value to these bonuses it makes your offer even more appealing.

Final words: Everything on your landing page should focus and complement these things; simple theme-related graphics, well-written punchy copy, an irresistible offer, and an opt-in form. Your goal on a Landing page is get the lead!

About the Author: Sandi Hunter, is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc., a Canadian company specializing in resources for small and home based business. Republished with author\'s permission by Raymond Freyaldenhoven

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saint Agatha - Early Christian Martyr

Saint Agatha of Catania minibook My determination is built on rock and founded in Christ. Your promises are raindrops; your threats are rivers, and however hard they beat upon the foundation of my house, it cannot fail.

Once having said this, she knew she had sealed her own doom. She wanted to suffer the pains of martyrdom, although she didn t really understand what she was asking for. At the end of the period, she was brought back to Quintianus. Aphrodisia told him she was firm in her conviction; It would be easier to split rocks or reduce iron to the softness of lead than to move or recall that girl s mind from its Christian intention. He was furious that they had not broken this beautiful girl. He lusted after her. He summoned her before him at court.

He tried to reason with her. She was like stone. He tried to insult her. He tried to challenge her social standing. If you claim to be so highborn, why do you call yourself a slave of Christ? She answered, Because to be a slave of Christ is the greatest nobility. He tried to threaten her with extreme torture. She responded If you promise me wild beasts, the sound of Christ s name will soften them. If you try fire, Angels will serve me with a healing dew from Heaven. If you resort to wounds and torments, I have the Holy Spirit, through whom I make naught of all.

He could see he was getting nowhere, and the people in the court were actually laughing at him under their breath. In an effort to save face, he had her thrown in jail, to prepare her for torture. For her part, Agatha was joyful that she had been found worthy to suffer for the Lord. He came to the jail and made a last appeal to her. Give up your allegiance to Christ and adore the gods. She refused. He had her placed on a rack, and stretched so that she thought her arms and legs would come out of their sockets. She proclaimed: These pains are a joy to me. He ordered the jailers to twist her breasts for a long time and then cut them off. Then he had her placed back in her cell, and would not allow anyone to enter to care for her. She was denied food and water.

As Agatha lay in her cell, writhing in pain and agony, from the inhuman torture to which she had been subjected, an old man with a young boy came to her. He told her he was sent by the Lord to heal her. He ministered to her. She thanked him for helping her. He told her he was the Apostle Peter, whom the Lord had sent to aid her in her time of torment. She was completely healed. All the wounds disappeared; her breasts were restored. As Peter left, a great flash of light came into the cell. The jailers, frightened by that which they didn t understand, or want to understand, fled the cell. All the prisoners left. They told Agatha to flee the jail as well. She answered them: Far be it for me to run away and lose the crown of patience.

After a period of time, she was brought before Quintianius again. He was so angry when he saw her in perfect health, he couldn t contain himself. He asked her who healed her. She told him Our Lord Jesus had healed her. Quintianus exploded with anger. He told her never to say the name of Jesus again. She asked him what great torture he would inflict on her if she did. He ordered that she be placed naked on burning coals and shattered fragments of pottery.

While she was being tortured, a great earthquake destroyed the palace, killing two of Quintianius counselors, Silvano and Falconio. The people of the city went running through the streets, blaming what was happening to them on the horrendous way the child Agatha was being tortured by Quintianius. Her burned and bruised body was brought back to her cell. She prayed to the Lord: Lord Jesus Christ, you created me; you have watched over me from infancy, kept my body from defilement, preserved me from love of the world, made me withstand torture and granted me the virtue of patience in the midst of torments. Now receive my spirit and command me to come to your mercy. With that, she gave up her life to her Lord and Master.

For more about Saint Agatha and Saints of Sicily go here: