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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Start Working For The One Person Who Really Matters.. Yourself!

Start Working For The One Person Who Really Matters.. Yourself!

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Never having to commute, no inner office politics to deal with, never having to worry about office attire, meetings, or dealing with difficult co-workers. You simply wake up, roll out of bed and begin your work day on your own schedule.

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You see, they take an entirely wrong approach. Instead of focusing on the smaller markets where some of the best jobs and opportunities are posted, they stick with the saturated, popular marketplaces and forums.

How does anyone expect to be hired when these companies are being bombarded with dozens of applications every single day?

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas the Angelic Doctor is most known for his writing the Summa Theologica and the Tantum Ergo and Panis Angelicus.

Later on in his life, when St. Thomas Aquinas was in Salerno, finishing the third part of his Summa, which deals with the Passion and the Resurrection, he was kneeling before the Altar in ecstasy.

He could feel the overpowering presence of the Lord in the room. He looked up at the Crucifix.

It began to glow brightly. Jesus came alive and spoke to Thomas.

There is a very special conversation St. Thomas Aquinas had with the Lord, which we have used as a motto for our ministry.

He was told You have written well of Me, Thomas. What would you desire as a reward? Thomas broke into tears, as he replied, Nothing, Lord. I\'m doing it all for you.

At this point, St. Thomas Aquinas went into ecstasy, and levitated.

His entire body floated into the air and hovered over the chapel. All the brothers in the convent came into the chapel where he was praying, and beheld him suspended in the air.

Toward the end of his life, he ceased working on the Summa Theologica, one of the most famous treatises on the existence of God ever written.

When the brother who was working with him asked why, he replied The end of my labors has come. All that I have written appears to be as much as straw after the things that have been revealed to me.

More about Saint Thomas Aquinas book - dvd - cd available click here

Monday, January 17, 2011

These are some of my favorite marketing tools!

Some of you have been asking about what tools do I use. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. I like GVO since it allows me unlimited web hosting. ( I have 18 web sites here.) and in addition I use the autoresponder for emailing and the web conference for webinairs and as a live chat room. I have been using the platinum package for over a year. Here is link

  2. I like TurboTrafficHits for scheduling all my safelists mailings. Turbo has a lot of other features I use but this one is great for not loosing money missing mailings. For more info about TurboTrafficHits

  3. I get a lot of my tools from like website indexer, backlink generators, tweetadder, listing of the hottest clickbank items, private label rights items, classified ad site. Worldprofit is constantly adding new programs and tools for users. For more about Worldprofit.

  4. Finally the secret of online success is sustained traffic and lots of it. This is a process and takes time to get it going. Example: I have one site that I created over one year ago, and in the last month my primary keyword is #1 on google. The traffic to this site was around 300 visitors a day and now the traffic is over 500 per day and increasing about 100 per day. And I do not advertise this site. It is all organic traffic. is the site if you want to run an alexa or graphic.

    The tools that make this possible are from Worldprofit.

  5. My offer stands - I will give you 50000 IBS credits for anyone that purchases silver or platinum package from Worldprofit using my link above. Just email me the details and I will send the credits to you. Take advantage of this offer. 50000 credits cost $245.00

  6. My best tool - Is this advice - Stay focused. Making money online is a process forget the get rich quick schemes. Go with the established winners. Make a list of to dos and get on with it. The internet is huge and no way will a few people dominate it. This is the place where someone like me in rural Arkansas can work with someone in New Zealand or India or wherever and promote sites worldwide.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Total Traffic Annihilation: It�s All about Traffic

Generating web traffic is a stumbling block for most internet marketers. It can be frustrating to polish up a fantastic website and then realize you re getting just one or two visitors. It s disheartening to realize that those internet riches might not be as close as you thought. You have to find a way to get people to your front door, so to speak, and that s where the real work of internet marketing begins.

At this stage, some people will begin turning to expensive marketing techniques. Yet some paid marketing techniques will suck you dry while providing very little in return. Others are simply difficult to master and make a profit on Google pay-per-click advertising being one of the easiest examples. Furthermore, there is an advertisement resistance that comes into play here. Many people filter your message out quickly if it comes in the form of a paid advertisement.

You may be surprised to learn that the free traffic generation methods are often more effective at boosting search engine rankings than any paid method and there are literally dozens of ways to get the job done. If you can approach each method in a step-by-step fashion you should see a dramatic increase in your traffic.

One great way you can master all of the free traffic techniques is by attending the Total Traffic Annihilation course. This is a video tutorial course that comes with an eBook and software package. The software package includes several tools to help you automate and simplify portions of your traffic generation strategy. For example, you can use the software package to enter in pre-determined keywords. The software will then scan article directories for articles covering those topics. Since article directory articles are free use you can pick them up for your blog: the software automates that process, as well, and will even categorize the posts for you.

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Like any tool, the Total Traffic Annihilation course can t solve every problem. But it could take a struggling marketer out of neutral, giving them that extra push that they need to get their traffic into the fast lane.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Saint Francis de Sales - Defender of the Faith

The measure of love is to love without measure.

Whenever the Church is threatened, the Lord raises up a Saint or two or brings about Miracles. In this instance, the Lord raised up two Saints, St. Francis de Sales, the Bishop of Geneva, a Doctor of the Church, and Founder of a Religious Order and St. Jane Frances de Chantal. He also gave us many Miracles, including the softening of men s hearts.

The years 1567 through 1622 were not great years for Catholics in Switzerland. They were not especially good years for a bishop of the Catholic Church, in particular the Bishop of Geneva. For that task, the Lord had to search all over Heaven until He could find a special soul who would not only be capable of pastoring the people of God during the period of hell caused by John Calvin, but would be willing to take on the job. The soul who would be Francis de Sales was the perfect candidate. So the Lord blessed him, gave him special Angels to guide and protect him, covered him in the mantle of Mother Mary, and sent him on his way. He was to be the first of thirteen babies the Lord would give to this special family. But of all, this was the prize, given from the Lord.

The Angels delivered the future St. Francis de Sales to a beautiful ch teau in what was called Thorens at that time, but today is just outside the breathtakingly city of Annecy, France, on Lake Geneva. He was born in a ch teau on August 21 , 1567. His family was part of the House of Savoie, which was a noble family in Europe. On the following day St. Francis was baptized in the Parish church of Thorens, and given the name Francis Bonaventure. His patron saint was the Little Poverello of Assisi. He was named after St. Francis and Bonaventure, another famous Franciscan and Doctor of the Church. [St. Bonaventure, Seraphic Doctor, was born just five years before St. Francis died, and followed in the Poverello s footsteps.] The combination of qualities exemplified in Francis, who was all heart, and in Bonaventure, who was brilliant, were just the traits young Francis would need in his ministry for the Church, as he grew in body and spirit.

What were his parents thinking about for this, their first baby? Would he continue in the House of Savoie, taking care of the land, his heritage? Would Francis Bonaventure follow in the footsteps of his namesakes? Although we read that both parents were traditional Catholics, could they have had any idea what they were doing when they gave such powerful names to their newborn? Nothing is by coincidence, not even the naming of a child. Unless it is God s Holy Coincidence.

The room in which he was born was known as St. Francis room, because of a painting in the room of the Saint preaching to the birds and the fishes. It was always young Francis favorite painting of his namesake, as was this his favorite room.

Francis was born prematurely, leaving him frail and delicate, physically challenged as a young child. But he was never Spiritually challenged. From his earliest childhood, he was unusually active and energetic. He was a product of Home Schooling in his early years. His mother kept his education in her own hands, aided by a tutor, Abb D age, a local priest who was very learned. As Francis grew, this priest became his tutor, traveling with him everywhere during his youth. Beautiful traits were instilled in him by the Lord, who guided his mother in his upbringing his entire life. He was obedient and truthful no matter what the consequences. In addition, he was a voracious reader; he devoured every book he could get. He was very eager to learn. The Lord was gearing him up for a mighty job and he couldn t begin too soon.

More about Saint Francis de Sales