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Monday, January 17, 2011

These are some of my favorite marketing tools!

Some of you have been asking about what tools do I use. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. I like GVO since it allows me unlimited web hosting. ( I have 18 web sites here.) and in addition I use the autoresponder for emailing and the web conference for webinairs and as a live chat room. I have been using the platinum package for over a year. Here is link

  2. I like TurboTrafficHits for scheduling all my safelists mailings. Turbo has a lot of other features I use but this one is great for not loosing money missing mailings. For more info about TurboTrafficHits

  3. I get a lot of my tools from like website indexer, backlink generators, tweetadder, listing of the hottest clickbank items, private label rights items, classified ad site. Worldprofit is constantly adding new programs and tools for users. For more about Worldprofit.

  4. Finally the secret of online success is sustained traffic and lots of it. This is a process and takes time to get it going. Example: I have one site that I created over one year ago, and in the last month my primary keyword is #1 on google. The traffic to this site was around 300 visitors a day and now the traffic is over 500 per day and increasing about 100 per day. And I do not advertise this site. It is all organic traffic. is the site if you want to run an alexa or graphic.

    The tools that make this possible are from Worldprofit.

  5. My offer stands - I will give you 50000 IBS credits for anyone that purchases silver or platinum package from Worldprofit using my link above. Just email me the details and I will send the credits to you. Take advantage of this offer. 50000 credits cost $245.00

  6. My best tool - Is this advice - Stay focused. Making money online is a process forget the get rich quick schemes. Go with the established winners. Make a list of to dos and get on with it. The internet is huge and no way will a few people dominate it. This is the place where someone like me in rural Arkansas can work with someone in New Zealand or India or wherever and promote sites worldwide.

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