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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facebook Approved Optin App - Blazing Sales thousands per day

I purchased the new Facebook Optin App this morning and immediately saw results.

I call it my leads and like go getter.

Known as the Facebook Optin App , or Invisible Squeeze

Page Maker is selling like crazy, with 1200 sold in the past

24 hours on the Warrior Forum.


It allows you to get QUALITY opt-in leads (names and

verified emails) from people WITHOUT them needing

to fill in their name and email!

HOW CAN THAT BE? It has to do with Facebook, which

automatically supplies the information when your

visitor just clicks a button. You get their

BEST email address, the one they use in FB!

It is AUTOMATIC! NO WEBFORM is needed!

It works with all autoresponder services..

Rave reviews over in the Warrior Forum are pouring in...

Like this one:


Hi, I\'m one of your first buyers.

Your product rocks! And it\'s

available online, so I can use it

wherever I go!

The online software is so easy that

I got my first page FB Ready in less

than 3 minutes from the first login.

This is highly valuable! The best thing

is how simply is to subscribe through

Facebook, in just 1 second you can reach

your e-mail for confirmation!

In this way you will get no fake e-mails,

no timed e-mails, and no use-and-trash

mail addresses! You will get their original

and most used e-mail address! Yes, the

one they are reading every day for FB


This is a huge idea by 2 of the most

respected internet marketers.

(Derrick Vandyke and Todd Gross)

Get it, or stay out from the social power!

See you Derrick and Todd, and keep up the

great work!

- Alessandro Zamboni


The price IS going up fast though, only a few

are left at the current price.

Click Here for Lifetime Access, and make your

OWN invisible squeeze pages (people actually

do not have to put their names and emails in!)


This offer is ONLY available in the Warrior Special

Offer Forum and will never be offered again...

Watch the video, read the reviews...

This changes the GAME!

Go here to watch

Bubbajoe Freyaldenhoven

Founding Member of IBS