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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We would like to introduce you to our sister site. is a site dedicated to bringing many Catholic sources together under the umbrella of one site. for shopping ease and security.
We have superstores like and along with many specialtly stores like
This is the site for classic authors like CS Lewis and G K Chesterton, for Rosaries, Statues and Medals. is just like a mall near your town. For example, most malls are a location with many stores to choose from. They usually have a foodcourt and specialty shops along with their banner stores. Now for we have the same as a normal mall. Keep in mind with malls you have to checkout at each store. This should clear up the shopping questions about checkout. Simply checkout of each store individually just like you would at a mall. Finally, since the economy is still very flat, many of these stores are offering special offers and discounts.
Remember that any items purchased through benefits Holy Family Mission in our apostolate to produce television programs at no cost to EWTN.
Your feedback is welcome.
Brother Joseph
Check out click here

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