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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Need your help!

We need your help!
We stated in this issue that these are challenging times and with that said, we want you to know we are up to the challenge.
We have made it our policy to avoid running around saying the sky is falling every time some obstacle comes in front of our mission to evangelize. And for that reason in these more difficult times we simply want to inform you how you many help us to continue our work.
Here are some ideas we want to share with you about how you can help us.
Number one is prayer. We thank you over and over for the prayers that you do for our mission. Without them we would not be here.
Next is our books and DVDs and other items. As you know our ministry receive's most of its income from the sale of our books, DVDs etc. Your support has been tremendous. Please continue and tell your friends and family that are not familiar with us about us. Remember we have all of our items listed on
Next, we have another sister site that you may not be familiar with. is just like a shopping mall only this one is online and filled with primarily items that Catholics would purchase. You can securely shop at the major Catholic shops there.
Book shops where you can purchase Bibles or Liturgy of the Hours.
Gifts shops where you can purchase items from the Holy Land, Holy Water Fonts, Prayer Card and gift baskets of all kinds.
Shops devoted to Crucifixes, Medals, Statues and Rosaries.
Shops for music, Travel and Pilgrimage and more.
We have a food court. Here you can purchase items like Mystic Monk Coffee, Abbey Peanut Brittle, Cheese and Chocolate.
In summary we have almost everything of the Catholic nature you can think of at this site.
This is how you can help us - Holy Family Mission will receive a commission from any item you purchase through
Make this site a favorite in your browser and tell your friends about it.
Finally, many of you have told us you would like to view some of Bob and Penny's talks and conferences.
We have a site where you can view on demand many of the talks that Bob and Penny have given.
The site is continuously being updated with new additions. Only requirement to watch is a very small registration fee. Then you can view any talk at the time of your choice.
The sky is not falling, and we are up to the challenge. Thank you for your prayers and your support.
Please won't you help!

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